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Nehru on Partition

- Ramanjit Singh

In this remarkable interview by the American TV interviewer Arnold Michaelis, India's Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru reminisces about Partition. Nehru's mother was from Lahore and he had spent a lot of his childhood years in Lahore. In this interview you can see his health is deteriorating, and there's a sense of melancholy in his voice. This section of the interview starts from the point where he discusses that fateful year, but I would suggest you see the entire interview in its entirety to measure the enormity of events he had faced in his life and his leadership abilities that helped navigate India through those years.

From the Prasar Bharati Archives:

Full video recording of what was perhaps Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's last significant interview to American TV Host Arnold Michaelis before his death. From book by HY Sharada Prasad we are told the interview a few weeks before his death. Another book by Chandrika Prasad provides a date of 18th May 1964 when the interview was aired in New York, this is barely a few days before the death of Pandit Nehru on 27th May 1964.


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