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Partition Voices

The writer Kartar Singh Duggal and his wife Ayesha Duggal talking about their memories of Partition and their Sikh-Muslim romance at the time of independence. K.S. Duggal also reflected on his writing about Partition; Ayesha Duggal spoke about her work as a doctor at a camp for Muslim abducted women in Jalandhar - talking to Andrew Whitehead, Delhi, May 2007

Mr. Andrew Whitehead is a historian, free lance journalist and honorary professor at the University of Nottingham, UK.

At one point during the interview, Mr. Whitehead recalls visiting Jalandhar in 1997 and there were three women from West Punjab who were still living in the Refugee Women Rehabilitation camp, 50 years after partition.

Mr. Duggal worked at the All India Radio, Lahore, from 1942 till the time of partition.

In these earlier audio interviews of K.S. Duggal in 1976 by Uma Shanker (University of Cambridge), he talks about the growing tension and violence in Lahore city and his native Rawalpindi and some of the stories about the abducted women in Punjab.

PDF script of the audio interviews with Uma Shanker:


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