Our process of cataloging events

We are doing research on the Punjab Partition and as part of this process we are cataloging the relevant content and providing context to the stories and anecdotes told by people who witnessed this tragedy.

As Punjabis born after India's independence we all have heard heart wrenching stories about those fateful days of 1947 and as part of our own struggle to comprehend those events we are collecting a montage of videos and online articles that describe those events in its totality.

The collection of work done by people on both sides of Punjab is praiseworthy and we are opening this forum for everyone to join and share your stories. Journalists and videographers in both West and East Punjab are doing an amazing job in going to various villages and talking to people who experienced the violence and mass migration during those months.

It is said that in 1947 even the gods cried as it rained throughout the year.

We will not hide or show bias to any story in order to fit an Indian or a Pakistani narrative. We will catalog stories of Punjabis of both sides of the border who till this day relive those terrible days in their minds.

Partition never ended... it continues in us.

We are inspired to work on this important subject by Professor Ishtiaq Ahmed who is Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Stockholm University. His book Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed is a seminal study on the events leading up to the Partition and provides a detailed account of the violence that engulfed the entire province.

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