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Multan, March 1947

- Ramanjit Singh

Located at the banks of the river Chenab, Multan district saw its first large scale violence in the first week of March, 1947. With the anti and pro Pakistan sloganeering in full swing in the town halls and bazaars of Punjab's major cities, the inflection point that saw a sudden change from peaceful protests to full scale violence occurred in March.

The map (link below) shows some of the key locations that saw large scale violence against Hindus and Sikhs in Multan. Some of the shocking stories while reading through the material are still etched in my mind such as the attack on the TB Hospital near Delhi Gate or the killing of the entire family of Seth Kalyan Das or the killing of Sikh students by Police in the old bazaar.

Click on the red circles to read the events that took place in that area.

To view the full map in Tableau, go here.

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